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Your Initial Meeting:

At your first meeting Greg and Sean will review your existing investments and answer any questions you may have. They will also ask you about your goals, concerns and hopes for your retirement. There is no obligation or cost for your initial meeting.

What to Bring:

If available please bring the items listed below. This information will help us determine your anticipated retirement expenses, identify your retirement income sources and determine your retirement goals and concerns.

  1. List of goals, concerns and hopes for your retirement
  2. Current income information-i.e., paycheck showing gross and net income
  3. Statements for Profit Sharing and cash retirement accounts
  4. List of current debts/amount owed/debt payment plan and payoff date
  5. Statements from any other assets
  6. Estimated monthly retirement expenses
  7. Copy of your estimated social security benefits
  8. Information for any other retirement income sources

It is our intent to discover our client’s needs and objectives, to educate them on their options and help design an investment plan that may help reach their goals. We pride ourselves on our work ethics and the relationships we have with our clients.